Finding a Good Plumbing School

A variety of opportunities are available for those aspiring to obtain training at plumbing schools. When researching which school is right for your educational goals, it's best to consider only those schools that have been accredited by an appropriate agency to eliminate problems later. Also, evaluate the ability of course credits to transfer to other schools. Many schools are amenable to distance education course credits because of its growing popularity. The following is a brief overview of a few leading plumbing schools, both online and on site.

Penn Foster Career School

Nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, Penn Foster Career School offers online plumbing programs plus actual live classes at three locations. In addition to learning how to troubleshoot the unique plumbing issues of dishwashers and water heating systems, Penn Foster Career School students learn how to interpret specifications, blueprints and construction drawings. Students may even decide to start their own business with the knowledge that this affordable plumbing program imparts. Favorable reviews emphasize the ease of course credit transfer, as well.


Students enroll in the Plumbing Technology program at WyoTech through online courses or at a choice of four different locations in Fremont and Long Beach, California. The WyoTech curriculum focuses on helping students understand the most technical aspects of plumbing, with an emphasis on the latest in plumbing technology for repairs and remodels. Study also includes plumbing training for new construction in the commercial or residential industry. Students hoping for a smooth transition into the working world might find WyoTech worthwhile.

The New England Institute of Technology

The New England Institute offers the Associate of Science Degree in Plumbing and Heating. This program is an excellent example of the Associates Degree choices available to those in search of a well-rounded plumbing education which looks impressive on a resume. In addition to four quarters of plumbing basics and laboratory learning, NEIT students also learn various aspects of heating systems, including Oil and Gas Technology. This supplemental education makes this plumbing school quite unique in terms of programming and coursework.

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Necessary Qualifications

In order to enroll in most plumbing school programs, a plumber journeyman must be at least 18 years old and physically capable of performing plumbing tasks. Some plumbing schools also require that the journeyman possess at least a high school diploma or GED, but most do not require previous plumbing experience. However, previous experience is a definite plus and can sometimes be credited towards completion of coursework. Coursework completed at other schools could also possibly be transferred. Always be sure to inquire first.

Plumbing schools offer students the chance to gain an adequate education in the rigors of plumbing employment and sets the scene for achieving licensing requirements, as well. When it comes to plumbing schools, there is a wide variety to choose from, so do your research and keep your eyes open for accredited schools with favorable reviews. Whether online or on campus, a plumbing schools offer the key to a successful future in the plumbing industry.

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